Business Phone Systems

Telecom consulting and sales for businesses of all sizes. VoIP offers clear and consistent communication at all times, even when employees are working remotely. 

Network Design

Voice and data networks allow flawless communication, access to data and implementation of technology to keep your office running smoothly efficiently.

Firewall Protection

Implementation of a firewall  protects your valuable information from  unauthorized users and can also restrict users to certain data, but only if it is configured correctly.

Cloud Consulting

By analyzing your companies data needs we can recommend the best solution for off-site storage allowing employees access to vital data from anywhere at anytime.

Internet Solutions

Taking into account the type and number of devices being used we analyze your company’s data needs and determine if your current internet provider is the best choice or if an upgrade or new solution is needed.

WiFi Solutions

With personalized internet options like private networks for employees, guest WiFi to indoor/outdoor coverage strength for large facilities we provide fast, secure, and reliable internet including 24/7 tech support.

Computer Networking

Ensuring seamless communication of all devices, such as smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets and servers. This can include smart thermostats, door locks, security cameras, sensors and audio/visual equipment.

Network Monitoring

Through continued effective monitoring of your servers, switches, routers, firewalls and VM’s our technicians can work to prevent downtime and system failure before it occurs resulting in increased productivity for your company.

Telecom Accessories

Headsets are available in a variety of styles to ensure comfort, ease of use and increased productivity of your reception desk, call center or sales team when working form home or the office.

Network Storage

Scalable, secure and accessible from anywhere; remote storage can limit access according to assigned role so your client and employee data is only seen by authorized users with permission to view.

Phone Bill Analysis

By reviewing your local and long distance usage and charges we can determine if there is a more cost effective plan available that would suit your needs. We can then effortlessly switch you to the cheaper plan.

Emailed Based Faxing

Fax from any location on any device via email. We have plans to fit different needs from the occasional fax to those with high volume needs. For healthcare companies, HIPAA compliance fax plans are also available